At Palm Bay Jewelers we feel very strongly that you should insure your jewelry. Preferably using a company that specializes in protecting jewelers and the personal jewelry of the United States. As a professional jeweler, we are committed to providing a full range of services – from helping you make the right selection to backing up your purchase if there is a problem.

Fine jewelry is beautifully crafted to last for generations, but accidents do happen. Loss or damage to these items can be emotionally and financially devastating. Your Personal Jewelry insurance policy will repair or replace your insured jewelry if lost, stolen or damaged. It even covers “mysterious disappearance.” If you have a covered loss, we ask that you return to us to have your jewelry repaired or replaced instead of mailing it off to someone you don’t know.

Furthermore, jewelry losses you experience with a separate jewelry insurance policy will not affect your existing homeowners policy. Jewelry losses you turn in on your homeowners policy will count toward your continued eligibility and may even impact your homeowners premium.

Insurance Replacement Assistance

Let us assist you in your time of need. We specialize in helping find replacement jewelry when you experience a loss. Our access to a diverse and deep selection of manufacturers enable us to find the exact piece you are looking to replace.

Related Services

  • Identification of jewelry of equal kind, quality and value as the original
  • Large inventory selections in our showroom
  • We bill all insurance companies

Lab Reports

Would you like an independent opinion on your diamond or gemstone? Let Palm Bay Jewelers help you choose the correct lab for your report. We’ll make sure it gets there safely, and explain the terminology when it comes back.

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